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The girl who drank the moon review

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

My review of "The girl who drank the moon" by Kelly Barnhill. This was a beautifully written story. The characters were very fleshed out. The mythology of the world is deep and introduced in a way that flows along naturally with the story. Great ending, great story, great characters. Loved it.

Read a book. Have an adventure!

M. C. Gladd

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Thanks to Amanda Crowley for this video.

Author's Bio:

Kelly Barnhill is an American author known for her works in children's and young adult literature. She was born on April 28, 1977, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Barnhill grew up in a family that fostered a love for reading and storytelling, which greatly influenced her career as a writer.

Barnhill's writing often incorporates elements of fantasy and magic, exploring themes of identity, courage, and the power of stories. Her storytelling style is imaginative and rich, capturing the hearts of readers of all ages. She has a knack for creating vivid worlds and complex characters that resonate with readers.

One of Barnhill's most notable works is the novel "The Girl Who Drank the Moon," published in 2016. The book received critical acclaim and won the prestigious Newbery Medal, one of the highest honors in children's literature. It tells the story of a young girl named Luna, a magical forest, and a kind witch, and explores themes of sacrifice, love, and the darkness that exists in the world.

Another well-known work by Barnhill is "The Witch's Boy" (2014), a fantasy novel that tells the tale of Ned, a boy with magical powers, and Aine, a young bandit girl. The story follows their journey as they attempt to save their world from an evil sorcerer. This book was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Awards.

Barnhill has written several other books, including "Iron Hearted Violet" (2012) and "Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories" (2018), a collection of short stories. Her works have been praised for their beautiful prose, strong character development, and thought-provoking themes.

Kelly Barnhill's writing has garnered numerous awards and honors, and she continues to be a celebrated author in the world of children's and young adult literature. Her stories have touched the hearts of readers around the world, inviting them into magical realms where imagination and wonder flourish.

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