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"Nowonderland", is the debut middle-grade fantasy adventure novel by M. C. Gladd. It tells the story of Billy, a twelve-year-old only child of a single mother. They both have to move across the country into Billy's late father's childhood home after she is let go from work. He get's trapped in a hidden fantasy world in the woods behind their new home, a world he must traverse to escape. He meets a strange bunch of characters, has a grand adventure, and finds a link to his past, he never knew existed. Oh yeah...almost forgot, him and his new friends must go against some old enemies if he has any hope of making it out alive.

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The inspiration for Nowonderland

One fine day M. C. Gladd was thinking about some of his favorite reads from his own childhood, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz, you know, the "hidden portal to a fantasy world" type of story. He wondered what his version of such a land might look like and ideas began to spring forth from the fertile (and if we're being honest, crowded) soil in his mind. Nowonderland is the result.


Some of it's characters are drawn from life, some subconsciously I might add. Others are entirely original (as far as the author knows). All are a bit...odd. 

If you choose to delve into the world of Nowonderland, may you enjoy reading it as much as the author enjoyed writing it. A sequel is underway as of this writing by, the way. 

Click below to look over Billy's shoulder as he has his adventure!


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Nowonderland Reviews

Character Introductions

"Absolutely love this book! It had adventures, very detailed descriptive characters and a fun unimaginable turn of events throughout each chapter."

"Fun read. Kept me hooked throughout the entire ride. Very creative, and will keep kids' attention whether they read it or it's read to them."

"My 11yo son loved this book and is already asking for the next book in the series! Super entertaining and witty. Nice work, M. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us. :)"

King pin...sorry, His Grace, King Pin, isn't the most important character in Nowonderland by far, but he thinks he is.

Introducing, The Elephant in the Room. I had a lot of fun writing this character as well. 

King Pin intro
Elephant in the room intro
spy trap character intro
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