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How to Encourage Teens To Read

When your kids were little, getting them to sit on your lap and read with you was probably pretty easy. As they get older and their social lives expand well beyond the home, it can be harder to keep that habit going. With the prevalence of cell phones, video games, and streaming TV shows everywhere you look. Here are some things you can do to keep your teen reading even when there are so many distractions in their world.

1.  Suggest eReading

I know what you're thinking, there's something about the feel of a real book in your hands. I agree with you, but it may be easier for your kid to keep up their 'cool factor' by reading on a screen. Most of their friends stare at their phones all day anyway. At least yours will be reading something.

2.  Any Reading is Good Reading

Instead of arguing with your child over the literary merits of the latest issue of 'Gamers Weekly' or whatever it is that has their attention that day...or hour, be glad that they're reading anything at all. It sure beats Youtube binges. There may even be stories written in the universe of there favorite video game, such as Minecraft adventure books.

3.  Read what they're Reading

I know what you're thinking, who has time for that? If you can, reading the same books you're kid is reading will enable you to talk about them togather. I would never have read the Harry Potter series if my daughter hadn't started reading them herself. It turns out, I really enjoyed them, and it gave us something to talk about.

4.  Pick out Books With Them

If you kid is struggling to find something new to read, help them out. Finding a series they can get drawn into, or an author whose style they like can be a great to keep them going when they're struggling for inspiration.

5.  Keep Books Around the House

It's easier to swim if you're already at the pool, right? Keeping books available in the home can help reinforce the reading reading habit.

6.  Make Time for Them to Read

With busy schedules, this can be difficult. You may also need to institute a 'no internet, reading only time' rule in the house for a couple of hours a week. If your kid enjoys reading, they won't mind it too much, though they may tell you otherwise.

However you manage to pull it off, encouraging your teen to read will pay off in the long run.

Your child might enjoy my middle grade fantasy novel, Nowonderland.

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