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M. C. Gladd

Author of the middle-grade and up adventure novel, "Nowonderland", and  fan of children's adventure series books since childhood, when he had many a grand adventure without leaving his chair!

As an adult he spent twenty-two years in the military and had a few adventures on the way. He has also been married for three decades so far and has two grown kids he's very proud of.

When he's not writing his next novel, he also enjoys creating art and playing drums.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases on this site to supplement my income as an author.

M. C. Gladd

M. C. Gladd’s Latest Releases

NOWONDERLAND ebook cover.jpg

Billy moves into his father's childhood home and soon finds himself trapped in a hidden fantasy world that's as dangerous as it is weird. Will he make it back home to his worried single mother? He finds help from the most unlikely cast of characters imaginable, and finds a link to his past he never knew existed. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll lose yourself in a world of pure imagination.

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